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This guy was weird. He had an asshole and a dick, but a brain.... Doesn't matter. This guy was fresh out of the military. I realize they don't issue brains, but still. He wanted to sell a shot gun, but his $10 item couldn't get him the $200 bus ticket he needed. That's where I come in (his ass). He was cute, just slow. Not short bus slow, just 'it's taking longer than normal' slow. He wanted a ticket home, and I considered his sweet hetro butt hole home, so we had the same goal. He kept telling me he was straight, but aren't we all (ha ha)? My copilot came in during a jerk off session and started filming one of his his prouder moments. No one notices cell phones anymore. Anyways, our champ was easy to dominate once he knew we had him on video. He was willing to give blow jobs and get corn holed, rather than have his family see him stroke it with a couple of dudes. He took it well. Better than well. I hope he never makes it home. He had a penis in his mouth and a cock in his mangina the hole time. He took it like a pro, or should I say ho? You'll never see this guy again, so check out this exclusive video. I'll probably see him again, cause her was loving that shit. Enboy, I mean, enjoy.