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I don't know how this guy got in to college, but I'm guessing it wasn't his brains. This anonymous buff stud came in trying to sell some baseball cards. He must have been thinking sentimental value in his innocent little mind, cause he wanted way too much. Turns out, he had gambled away his allowance from mommy and daddy. He was a cute and nice enough guy, but I just wanted to see if I could fuck around with tight straight ass. He acted discussed by my offer to swap head, but he didn't seem to turned off when he was getting head. His big dick got hard almost instantly from a man on moan blow job. I figured he was down to fuck, so I tried to get him to stuff my partners butt with his erect cock, but I guess that was his heterosexual breaking point. What ever... probably just nerves. Just the same, somebody was getting fucked. We bent this hottie over and slammed his virgin anus. He was getting dick from both ends and loving it.It's funny how everyones sexuality seems to be for sale. Makes you think... Enjoy