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So, this Russian surfer dude walks into the pawn today desperately asking to get a thousand dollars for two surf boards, apparently he needed the money to catch a flight back to Russia and fix his visa status to be able to come back to the states and hang tide, or whatever Russian surfer dudes do. Of course here at the pawn shop we do our best to help out our patrons to the best of our ability. So, what did we do? well, we gave him only three hundred for his boards and told him he had other options on how he could make up the rest of the loot. I fed him some bullshit story that I was an amateur photographer and that I wanted to take some awesome pics of him and his surfboards, "nothing crazy" of course. He bought it and just like that I had him right where I wanted him, in my back room of love HAHAHA!! it took some persuading in getting him to comply with what we were requesting of him. but in the end everyone has a price... whats yours? ;)