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What a doozie. So, this guy comes in looking like he just rolled down a mountain in a tuxedo. Turns out that he had been up all night after catching his fiance fucking the best man. Of course he was unset. He wanted to sell the ring he bought for his soulless bride to be. I might have been able to make something off of the ring, but I never was interested, really. Nothing like high stress drama to make someone open to suggestion. Think about it, the woman this guy trusted for years turned out to be a totally different person. He also found out that his best friend wasn't really his friend at all. Everything he thought he knew was wrong, and that's where I step in. I faked some interest in the ring to get him in my office, then everything actually moved pretty fast. Brad and I pretty much just started touching his hard body, and he didn't fight us off. Of course he was reluctant, but when you're doubting everything you know in life, it gets pretty easy to try new things, like letting a same sex stranger suck your cock. He turned out to be a pretty good dick sucker himself. It never surprises me that these "straight" guys enjoy gay sex, but this guy loved it. He was oozing pre cum the entire time we took turns pounding his cute ass. He was also excited to take his first facial. I didn't buy the ring, he didn't make his money back, but he did get a new out look on life. Enjoy.